Jordan Spieth multiple sports lead to Golfing Stardom 10/11/2015

Jordan Spieth multiple sports lead to Golfing Stardom


Jordan Spieth , 21 year old who became only the 6th player in the history of golf to win both the US Masters and the US Open in the same year. 

At such a young age surely he must of played golf since a young age and all of the time? Correct he did, but it wasnt golf alone that lead to his success.

As a young talented student he was an avid golfer, always asking his parents if he can focus on golf as he sole sport to play. His parents with the advantage of experience on their side, encouraged Jordan to continue to play other sports. Jordan was a particularly good athlete, where he was the quarterback, pitcher and a point guard through high school. According to the Titleist Performance Institute the best foundations for a golfer is to develop the athlete first, then the golfer. Maximise their physical potential using cross over sports which certain physical movement patterns can help develop key body function that will aid the golfer. For example throwing a baseball or a football will help generate power from the ground up through ground force reaction and enhancing the kinematic sequence.

Jordan's father Chris Spieth spoke of the importance and value playing a team game. Developing relationships and sharing and owning responsibitlty, being able to play your key role within a team can and will teach a junior so many valuable life lessons. 




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